Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an animation take to produce?
  • A good rough estimate is around 6 weeks for a 60 second animation. A 120 second animation can take more like 8 weeks. It’s always good to factor in some buffer time for unexpected delays too.
How much will I need to invest in my animation to get the results I need?
  • The exact budget for a project depends on three main factors, duration, visual style, and number of characters. According to the US Department of Labor, the range per minute for Corporate Animation is from $9k to $250k. That means that high quality animation is not a good fit for many smaller businesses. If you’re able to invest between $15k to $20k per minute for 2D animation, or $25k to $30k per minute for 3D animation, then we can make something that will exceed your expectations.
  • Also keep in mind that the visual style and number of characters can change the final quote for a project significantly. Plus, if you need multiple animations, we can bundle the production process, reuse assets, and provide a lower price per minute overall.
  • Finally, remember that you’re investing in animation because it’ll get you a desired result for your business. How valuable is getting that result for you?
Why is 3D more expensive than 2D animation?
  • The 3D production process contains a number of additional steps that increase the time and number of specialized team members needed. When done well, the results are definitely worth it.
  • The standard production process for 2D is: Story Development, Script Writing, Storyboarding, Visual Style Development, Record Voice Over, Create Visual Assets, Animation: Blocking, Animation Breakdowns, Animation: Polishing, Exporting.
  • The standard production process for 3D is: Story Development, Script Writing, Storyboarding, Visual Style Development, Record Voice Over, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Animation: Blocking, Animation Breakdowns, Animation: Polishing, Rendering, Compositing, Exporting.
Why can’t I use a cheap, templated animation option?
  • There are a bunch of reasons why going with a cheap option is a waste of money. Here are the top three:
  • One, poor quality content lowers the perceived value of your business. Imagine your business is a steak. And, you want people to eat your steak. So, you can either serve it on a nice plate with side dishes in a restaurant. Or, on a trash can lid in an alley. It’s the same steak, but nobody is going to eat it off the trash can lid! You need your content to make a great first impression for your business. Cheap content can’t do that.
  • Two, odds are you’re great at doing what your business does. But, you probably aren’t an expert in marketing or storytelling. By going with a cheap option where they use whatever script you send them, your message is likely going to lack the impact needed to generate good results. By working with us, your story will be optimized to inspire the desired response from your target audience.
  • Three, there is just too much noise and content vying for your audience’s attention. If your content isn’t customized for your brand, and tailored to attract your specific target audience, then it’s not going to get you the results you need. By working with us, we’ll help your content stand out in the crowded online marketplace and get the attention of your audience.
Who owns my content once the project is finished?
  • You do! We reserve the right to host and share your content with others to promote Squash and Stretch Productions. But, you have full ownership and rights to use your content. We can even provide you the source files as a backup if you want.
When should I use animation rather than video?
  • If you’re looking to show a specific location or person, video is best for that.
  • If you’re trying to explain a complex concept, abstract idea, or something that’s hard to film, then go with animation.
  • Also, there are ways to combine the two together.
How To Prepare A Pitch Deck for Investors?

So you have a good idea and a business that has the potential to grow. You need investors to come in and assist with the financials required to grow your business. Some folks get in front of shark tank and present in person but many don’t have that luxury. The preparation of pitch decks is key for virtual and remote presentations, where getting your message or point across is vital.

How do you know your pitch is not perfect?

Have you tried presenting to friends and family and they look lost? Or have they asked you to repeat yourself a number of times with questions? If that is the case your pitch is not perfect.

What Steps Do You Take?

  1. Get clarity on why someone should invest
  2. Understand what value and ROI the investor will get from it
  3. Get your story to less than a minute with our team
  4. If it is tough to describe create a video animation of your idea or product with us

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Client Testimonials

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Ryan: Manager of Systems Engineering & Client

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Founder and CEO | Global Wealth Management | Investment Advisor

I came to Squash and Stretch on behalf of a client who needed to explain the superiority of a new life safety system for firefighters.... Read More

Ryan: Manager of Systems Engineering & Client

Debra Hall

Debra Hall Consulting

Working with Karl and his team was fantastic! He managed the production process on his side effectively and was extremely prompt with communication and delivery. Read More

Ryan: Manager of Systems Engineering & Client

Harry Litvack

Owner, Lit Digital Media

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