Big Vision, Bigger Impact

In order to overcome the challenges facing the world, we need to work together. Instead of seeking solutions separately, we’re building a community based on Collabitition (Collaboration + Competition). By supporting and pushing each other to grow and improve, we will achieve greater success than we would alone.

You have the opportunity to become part of the founding group of our exclusive community and shape how it grows. It’s not for everybody, only those with an abundance mindset, a bias towards action, and the desire to give for giving’s sake.

We’re looking for people who work in the following industries:

  • Tech
  • Biotech
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing/Branding/PR
  • Coaching
  • Other professional services that support Tech, Biotech, and Healthcare companies

We took the idea of a rewards program and supercharged it. Not only will you get access to exclusive content and offers – and not only will you earn rewards by supporting Squash and Stretch Productions – you’ll earn rewards and recognition for helping your fellow community members, often doing things you already do today!

Joining is easy! Fill out the form below to access the details about our community and stay informed about the latest developments. Or don’t! It’s up to you.

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    Media Channels

    The community described above is only the beginning of where Squash and Stretch Productions is going.

    It’s too soon to talk details, but you can check back regularly on this graphic to see how things are progressing. The green icons indicate channels that are up. The grey ones are coming soon!

    Client Testimonials

    They not only stuck with us through some of the project's twists and turns, but also did a stellar job turning over quality work quickly.... Read More

    Ryan: Manager of Systems Engineering & Client

    Brandon Wasserburger

    Creative Director, Fire Tribe Inc.

    We engaged Karl to create animation to explain difficult investment concepts in a way people can understand. We were very pleased. The process was easy,... Read More

    Ryan: Manager of Systems Engineering & Client

    Keley R. Petersen

    Founder and CEO | Global Wealth Management | Investment Advisor

    I came to Squash and Stretch on behalf of a client who needed to explain the superiority of a new life safety system for firefighters.... Read More

    Ryan: Manager of Systems Engineering & Client

    Debra Hall

    Debra Hall Consulting

    Working with Karl and his team was fantastic! He managed the production process on his side effectively and was extremely prompt with communication and delivery. Read More

    Ryan: Manager of Systems Engineering & Client

    Harry Litvack

    Owner, Lit Digital Media

    Why Squash & Stretch Productions?

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    Be part of something bigger than yourself or your company. We’re bringing together heroes like you who want to make the future better for people around the world. When we collaborate, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished!

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    By becoming a Future Guide, you’ll gain access to exclusive content, offers, and connections that will be valuable to your business. Not just anybody can join. So, visit the Community page to learn more!

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    Charitable Donations

    You get more value and make a bigger impact by working with us. For each minute of animation you invest in, we’ll make a donation in your name to a charity of your choice.

    You have the potential to improve the world.
    Let us help you tell your story!

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