07 Dec 2022 | BY Karl Pontau

It’s simple.

Resolutions are often plans to make big changes in one’s life.

These changes are seen as a threat by our brains. (It’s true!)

Our lower brains are in charge of keeping us alive. So, they do everything they can to avoid threats.

And, since we’re using the same operating system from hunter-gatherer times, change – even change we know is good for us – is a threat.

(Our brains know how to survive in our current situation, even if it’s not healthy long term. Changing your situation means adding unknowns, which are scary.)

So, resolutions = big change = threat, according to our lower brains.

And, that causes our lower brains to come up with excuses, reasons why we should stop trying to achieve our resolutions.

That’s why we fail.

How do you overcome this self-sabotage?

Break your big goal down into tiny steps.

Easy things you can do daily, which turn into habits.

Once we build a habit, that means there are new neural pathways in our brain. Paths of least resistance that make those actions easier to perform.

They no longer require willpower, a finite resource.

Instead, they become effortless. 

The way you live. 

Who you are.

And, over time, those little steps add up to reach your big goals!

One of my big goals is to increase my lead gen and revenue.

So, in addition to the announcement I made last week, I’m announcing my revamped Youtube channel @TheBrandStoryMaker.

I’m launching a new daily video series called Brand Building Minute soon, and will be using my channel as part of the new marketing funnel I launched at the end of November.

Each video will have a valuable tip or trick for growing your brand and business!

By subscribing and watching every day, you’ll turn building a stronger brand and business into a habit that will help you achieve your big goals in 2023 and beyond.

Even if you feel like you know this topic well, it’s by relearning and practicing the fundamentals that we achieve mastery.

Just ask Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, and Joe Montana.

If you want to master your brand storytelling skills, take a minute to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

My goal is to reach 200 subscribers by the end of 2022.

Let’s make 2023 the best year for your business, no matter what happens with the economy!

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

Build your confidence and trust quickly with clients here

Learn how to create authentic stories to promote your business here.

Work 1:1 with me to optimize your brand story and attract more of your best clients.

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