22 Sep 2022 | BY Karl Pontau

There are 4 kinds of stories your business can tell…

…those that build credibility…

…those that entertain…

…those that reveal your humanity…

…and those that inspire.

Today, we’re going to explore the third kind I mentioned.

Those that reveal your humanity.

First, we should cover why these are necessary.

Growing up, we’re taught through social interactions to wear armor and not be vulnerable.

Mean comments, bullying, and ridicule make us feel that we can’t be ourselves.

But, by not being vulnerable, we are unable to form the deep relationships we need to live happy, healthy lives.

And, we mistakenly associate being vulnerable with weakness.

When nothing could be further from the truth.

Because, dear reader, telling these third category of stories requires being courageously vulnerable.

These stories are all about our inner demons.

The constant worries, fears, and anxieties we all wrestle with.

Imposter Syndrome? Check.

Fretting about things you can’t control? Check.

Depression? Big Check.

Here’s an example from my life.

Before I started my business, I had a number of side jobs to pay the bills.

One of them was at a local bank. It was a big step up from the retail jobs I had been working before.

I thought maybe I could just make the jump over to that and make that my career.

But, I was not good at that job. I kept making mistakes. And, they ended up letting me go.

I was devastated. So much so that on the drive home I thought about pulling over the overpass going from southbound 680 to westbound 580 and jumping off.

But, instead, I talked things out with my parents, did a lot of introspection, and got myself on the path I’m on now.

I learned from the mistakes I made at that job.

I got better organized. I improved my networking and social skills. And, I work harder and smarter than ever before.

Working to understand myself helped me clarify the kind of impact I wanted to have on the world. 

How empathy and the relationships that got me through two brain tumors are something that everybody deserves to have in their life.

And, I would be damned if I ever gave up on myself again.

These stories rarely make people laugh. But, they can pack a punch, right in the feels.

The most powerful ones inspire you to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Even if you don’t share them often, knowing what they are will give you a huge confidence boost, and show you just how strong and capable you are.

And, that will make overcoming the challenges life throws at you way easier.

Until next week,


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