07 Jun 2021 | BY Karl Pontau

You know there is a need for what you offer, you just need to find a way to promote it and tell the world. How do you inform your client base that you are what they want?

Until recently, providing content – lots and lots of content – was all it took to get people to your website. The quality of the content determined if people would stick around, but content could get people there. Unfortunately, as we become more bombarded by content, clients want more. Or, in some ways, they want less. They want to know about you more than they want to know about what you do. They need to know that you fit in their lives.

Give Them You

The adage is old and true, people do business with those they know, like, and trust. That is because people do business with other people. More importantly, people do not do business with people they do not trust. So how do you establish trust? Show yourself to be like them.

Human nature does not trust “other.” While the amount of difference between a person and someone they see as “other” varies widely, once you hit that point you have no chance.

Conversely, you would probably prefer to do business with people who do not trigger your “other” alarm. So, now the challenge is to prove that you are like them. The best way to do that is to open yourself up to your target market and establish that you are the same.

Are You Who Your Clients Need You to Be?

The Real You

The world is full of people. You cannot – nor do you want to – do business with all of them. Trying to fit in with everyone is not only exhausting and a waste of time, it destroys your credibility. If you say whatever it takes to make the sale, someone will catch you in a contradiction.

Know who you are, what you believe, what you value, and what you do before you even try to connect with someone else. You may not always get the words exactly right, however, your sense of self will speak louder than any words and will appeal to those like you.

If you could introduce yourself personally to everyone you want to work with, proving that you are who you claim to be would be easy. That, however, is unlikely. In the digital age, we need to find other ways to convince our clients that we are just like them, that our product will fit perfectly in their lives.

The first step is to establish that sense of self that is WHO YOU ARE. This could be challenging. We’re not always encouraged to flaunt our beliefs and values; frequently, we’re told to blend in. So, establish who you are, and flaunt it.

The next step is to be consistent with how you flaunt yourself. You have one message, why confuse things? Why confuse your clients? Why confuse yourself? Be honest about yourself and what you offer – it’s the easiest way to be consistent.

Finally, find the people you’re like. (Your target market.)

And Now, the Marketing

Regardless of how you choose to market yourself – and that is your ultimate product – make sure it is consistent with the real you that you worked so hard to establish. Make promises you want to keep. Offer products or services that are central to your core beliefs. Share your goals and dreams, you’ll be amazed how many people will want to be part of your big picture.

Squash and Stretch Productions would like to be part of your big picture. We create animations that communicate who you are, what you believe, what you value, and what you do.

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