07 Jun 2021 | BY Karl Pontau

In the modern market, the website is the most important marketing tool a business can have. As of the publishing of this blog, much of the world is just starting to peek out from the first COVID-19 onslaught. Everyone is cautious about going back to “business as usual,” and many believe that a new “usual” is in the making. All of this means that more and more business is happening through the internet and creating exceptional websites is that much more important.

A website is frequently a person’s first impression of a business. At the very minimum, your website acts as a listing in the international directory that is the internet. However, at its best, your website could be the ultimate target audience magnet, creating loyalty to your brand and bringing your audience to you in droves.

So, how do you take your website from directory listing to amazing first impression to loyal customer magnet? Exceptional visuals, quality content, and spectacular behind-the-scenes development.

Exceptional Visuals

Humans are visual creatures. Rarely will something keep our attention if it has not already caught our eye. That means you want your site to be visually stimulating without being overwhelming. This is where a graphic designer comes into play. This person creates the “look and feel” of a website. Color schemes, visual embellishments, and fonts are just part of what a graphic designer works with to make your website a welcoming place for your audience to explore.

Quality Content

Images, animations, and text are what keeps your audience on your page – after all, they can only look at the beauty of your site for so long.
Some would argue that images and animations fall under the category of visuals, and they would have a valid point. However, in this context I’m referring to how you relay information visually. Infographics, videos, and animations educate your audience without bogging them down in lots of text. Better yet, videos and animations have preferential status with search engines – making your website easier to find.

Because a website cannot be completely without text (as my writer loves to remind me), you want it to be informative and engaging as well. Another argument for text as content is that you want to provide your information in multiple formats to accommodate people’s preferred method of learning. Some people want to visualize the idea, others want to hear it, and still others want to read it.

The most important thing to remember about your content is that it needs to be fresh, relevant, and engaging enough to keep people on your site because each of those qualities improve search engine rankings.

Spectacular Behind-The-Scenes Development

All this work to make your website a haven for your audience will come to nothing if they cannot find it. That’s why we all need at least one stellar website developers on hand. This person knows how to arrange the data of your website to be accessible and desirable to search engines. Remember, search engines are computer programs that read information in a very specific manner. If your site does not provide the correct information in the correct format, search engines will never return your site as an option because it does not know that the option exists.

Bringing It All Together

Finding all the experts it takes to put together an amazing, inspirational website is frequently easier said than done. Squash & Stretch Productions has great relationships with these, and many more, marketing experts. We would love to be able to assist you in the creation, or recreation, of your number one marketing tool.

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