07 Jun 2021 | BY Karl Pontau

These days, most people understand the power of video in marketing. What many people miss is that an animated video is frequently far more impactful than a live one. Consider these four advantages animation provide:

1. Animation is Safer.

Can you imagine a live instructional video on performing a heart transplant? How about a live video titled, “How to Survive a Bear Mauling”? If the topic of your video involves showing the insides of the human body, the destructive power of something, or the hazards of anything, an animation is definitely the way to go.

This is assuming that you’re working with a limited budget and do not have access to Hollywood production facilities. Even if you did have all the money, stunt doubles, and movie technology of a major studio for your marketing, these types of videos would still include at least some animation.

This picture could be captioned along the lines of, “Would you rather the diagrams in your doctor’s office were of real people?” Explainer animation would be a great tool to explain the heart functions. 

2. Animation does not require Cameras.

For some, the only thing standing between them and a massive video library is being camera shy. The great thing about animation is that it eliminates that heart stopping terror that looking into a camera can cause.

Additionally, there are some topics that you just cannot catch on film. The electrical impulse that travels between the switch and the lightbulb or how a computer keyboard works are topics that an animation can explain precisely because it allows the viewer into the world of the microscopic, inaccessible, or otherwise magical.

3. Animation: No Permits Required.

Live videos can become logistical nightmares the instant you leave a studio. Filming in public for commercial purposes (such as marketing) frequently requires location permits and signed releases from anyone unintentionally captured on film. Even if you manage to avoid the need for legalities, there is still the hassle of transporting equipment, getting the right lighting, and preventing background noise.

4. Animation is Fun.

Let’s face it, some topics are just boring. The addition of some animation, such as a single character that pops in and out, can do wonders for lightening up a topic. In-flight safety videos are an excellent example. While some airlines are starting to bring in the Hollywood crews, there are many great examples of animated videos that relay the information in an engaging manner – making the content more memorable. One Virgin American video included the line, “For the .0001 percent of you who have never operated a seat belt before, it works like this,” while focusing on an embarrassed looking, animated, bull fighter. A YouTube search on “animated flight safety video” will provide you with a multitude of other examples.

Even if all you want is a “talking head” video, an animated talking head is likely to produce more engagement than a live one.

Obviously, as a producer of animation videos, Squash and Stretch Productions is all for the animated video. On the other hand, there are times when live action is the better way to go. For example, if you are a realtor an animated walkthrough of your real-life property is less than efficient.

Similarly, when you want to focus on the actual physical product, how it looks, what it does, or how fragile or indestructible it is, live video is the way to go. In this case, you can significantly reduce, or eliminate, many of the extras frequently involved with a live action video such as cast, costumes, or location.

Are you curious about adding some animation to your marketing? Squash and Stretch Productions would love to answer your questions.

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