07 Jun 2021 | BY Karl Pontau

7 Myths About Motion Graphics Videos, Debunked!

Despite its popularity, there are a lot of misconceptions about Motion Graphics Videos and their effectiveness. So, I want to address some of the ones I often hear. Let’s dive right in!

It’s Too Expensive

Creating a high-quality motion graphics video takes a lot of work and time. Good content can seem like a big investment at first But, when you realize how much time you’ll save and the business it will generate, you’ll see that they often pay for themselves multiple times over. More and more, consumers watch videos before making a buying decision. If you don’t have animated videos in your marketing, you’re likely to lose customers to those who do. Animation and storytelling create strong emotional connections between your business and your customers. As the popularity of video and animation in marketing continues to rise, it’ll be necessary to use video in order to not fall behind.

Animation is for Kids

Animation is such a versatile medium, that content can be designed for almost any audience. The ability to generate fantastical worlds and highly stylized characters does make motion graphics ideal for content that appeals to kids. However, one can just as effectively create content for more mature audiences.

It’s My Story, so I Should Write the Script

You probably went to school and spent years learning and practicing to do your job well. Right? If that job doesn’t include scriptwriting, then you should probably let somebody with years of experience handle it. The story and script are the backbones of an animated video. Let the writer know what you want to say, who your target audience is, and the tone you want to use. Then, trust them to do what they do best!

Live Action Video is Better

In some situations this is true, but certainly not all of them. There are a tons of videos out there of a person talking to the camera. No cut always. No supporting props or graphics. Just somebody talking at length. They get boring really quickly. The same audio with motion graphics is way more engaging and interesting, not to mention more memorable!

Also, there are a lot of things that are hard or impossible to film. Last time I checked, getting a camera inside the human body is difficult, from a logistics standpoint and a permission standpoint. It’s much easier to animate what you need to show inside the body. Furthermore, you can’t point a camera at data being processed by a computer. But, you can represent it with shapes and movement, and explain concepts like AI and Cloud Storage in a way that anybody can understand.

So, is live action better or is motion graphics better? It depends.

Quality Doesn’t Matter

Imagine your business is a steak dinner. Perfectly cooked, expertly seasoned, and paired with the best side dishes. If you want people to eat your steak, you’re going to serve it on a nice plate, at a table, in a nice restaurant. You’re not going to serve it to somebody on a trash can lid. Using cheap content options like Fiverr is equivalent to serving your steak on a trash can lid. No matter how great you claim your steak is. Nobody is going to eat it. The quality of your content needs to reflect the quality of your business. Period.

Explainer Animations Don’t Work

There are tons of reports and research that support the idea that animated videos, including Explainer Animations, are extremely effective marketing tools. Here are three of my favorites:

  • Having an animated video on your website increases conversion rate by 80%. – Visually
  • 70% of marketers say video is the most effective medium for driving conversions. – Demand Metric
  • Social media posts with video lead to 10x more shares and engagement. – Content Marketing Institute

There are a lot more statistics and data to back up these three. You can find more here and here!

My Video Should Be Long and Detailed

With how short people’s attention spans have become, the odds of a long video being watched by too many people is quite slim. In general, 30 seconds to 2 minutes is a good length for video content. It’s enough time to get your message across, without overloading your audience or losing their interest. Plus, if you cannot distill your message down to fit into that time range, you’re probably trying to say too much, or don’t know what you really want to say.

The exception to this is if you’re creating a series of content. As your audience grows and come to trust you, they’ll be willing to watch longer videos. If you gradually lengthen the duration of your content, you’ll eventually find the length that they finally stop watching. That’s now your new limit!


Hopefully, that helped clear up some misconceptions you had about Motion Graphics Videos.

Do you want to learn more about how Motion Graphics Videos can help your business achieve its goals? Check out more blog posts here!

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